43 FREE courses from LinkedIn Learning

40+ free courses from LinkedIn Learning and Github

LinkedIn is teaming up with GitHub to launch over 40 software development courses through LinkedIn Learning, all of which are free until March 2023.

The courses combine educational videos from LinkedIn with GitHub Codespaces and cover today’s most popular programming languages.

GitHub Codespaces integration allows users to get hands-on experience in real-world software development environments.

The free courses included in this are the following:

Data Science Courses:

  • Level Up: Python Data Acquisitions, Prep, and EDA
  • Machine Learning With Python: Association Rules
  • Data Cleaning in Python Essential Training
  • Practice It: SQL Joins
  • Machine Learning With Python: Logistic Regression
  • Training Neural Networks In Python
  • Controlling CSS With JavaScript
  • Level Up: Python
  • Practice It: Python Data Structures

JavaScript and ReactJS Courses:

  • Practice It: JavaScript Loops and Conditionals
  • JavaScript: Functions
  • Hands-On Introduction: JavaScript
  • Hands-On Introduction: React

CSS Courses:

  • CSS: Enhancing Interfaces With Animation
  • CSS: Images
  • CSS: Scrolling and Parallax
  • CSS for Programmers
  • CSS: Animation
  • Tailwind CSS 3 Essential Training
  • CSS Layout Code Challenges
  • CSS Tips

    Some other courses that are included in the list are

    • Practice It: Java
    • Hands-On Introduction: ASP.NET Razor Pages
    • Hands-On Introduction: Java
    • Level-Up: Go
    • Level Up: Java
    • Level Up: SQL
    • Learning Bash Scripting
    • 8 Git Commands You Should Know
    • Hands-On Introduction: SQL
    • ESLint: Integrating With Your Workflow
    • ESLint: Checking For Syntax and Logic Errors
    • ESLint: Customizing Styles
    • Prettier: Integrating With Your Workflow
    • Hands-On Introduction: Go
    • Level Up: C
    • Practice It: Go REST API Server
    • Level Up: PHP
    • Hands-On Introduction: PHP
    • Building Monorepos on GitHub

    Find the full list of courses here

    LinkedIn Learning has been offering premium content for years. Students can take any of the courses, listed below, and receive a certificate of completion upon their successful completion of the course.

    So which course are you going to get first? Let me know below.

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