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Week 4: Motion Graphics 101
How to bring art from different software to After Effects. After Effects is a compositing software not an illustration or editing software. Working with parenting and combining Masks & Mattes and how After Effects is used in the industry.
Week 5: You are almost there
So vector & raster we studied, let's put it to work and create some vector paths which are called Shape Layers in AE. Different keyframes types, transitions, multiple scenes, and multiple projects.
Week 6: Templates, Freelance & Passive Income
So in the course promo, we made a lot of promises on helping you guys with different passive income sources and where to sell them plus something special
Week 8: 1-1 Zoom Session for Final Project
Final Project Briefing
the End Game: What should you do next?
We'll discuss what you should do next by inviting some very special gues, exclusively for those who enrolled the courses.
8 Weeks After Effects Motion Graphics Course Batch 2
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Thanks to Ted Education this is an amazing video to know how good you are at what you do? 

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