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Upwork Masterclass: secrets to win more clients

By Shajeel Afzal Categories: Freelancing
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About Course

Do you want to succeed on Upwork? Are you struggling to win jobs via the best freelancing platform in the world?

In this Upwork Masterclass, you will learn everything that you need to start making online on Upwork. By taking this course you will become much more comfortable in getting started with freelancing and winning more work online in any skill that you already know for example mobile apps development, digital marketing, graphics designing, content writing, SEO, Amazon, etc.

This course covers:

  • Upwork Profile Creation
  • Upwork Profile Optimization & Tricks
  • Upwork Proposal Writing Tricks & Templates
  • Upwork Project Catalogue Optimization
  • Upwork Advanced Searching Techniques
  • Upwork Agencies
  • 1-1 Consultation to review your profile, cover letter, and suggestions

Head over to the content section to see the complete list of topics covered in this course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Beat the competition on Upwork by effectively optimizing your profile, writing proposals that standout from the crowd, project catalogue optimization, and many more.
  • Rank better on Upwork Platform and win long term clients
  • Detailed guidelines to improve & optimize your profiles and how to communicate effectively.
  • 1-1 Consultation

Course Content

First Step

  • How to use LWS Academy LMS
  • Join the Facebook Group for Upwork Masterclass
  • Fill the onboarding Survey

Zoom Live Sessions Schedule

Introduction to Upwork

Making a Perfect Upwork Profile That Ranks High
In the detailed section about mastering Upwork, we will learn several things in this section to become a successful freelancer. You will be able to work not only as Individual Freelancer but also as an Agency.

Upwork Proposal Writing Techniques

Upwork Proposal Templates

Upwork Advance Job Listing Techniques

Upwork Profile Badges

Upwork Payment Method Recommendations

Upwork Project Catalog

Working as Agency on Upwork

Payoneer Complete Guide

Freelancing Masterclass Testimonials
In this section, I am going to show you some of the testimonials that are given by my students previously so that you can get a better understanding of what you are going to get out of this course.

1-1 Consultation Calls
In this section you're going to schedule a 1-1 Consultation Call with me to discuss your problems related to your Freelancing Career or any question that I can answer you.

Closing Remarks and Next Steps

Student Ratings & Reviews

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10 Ratings
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2 weeks ago
The course is very informative with clear, precise, and easy to understand guidelines. It is detailed, and very well organized. It covers all aspects of Upwork. The quality of the content and videos is very good. With a very simple and effective method of teaching, he really made this course perfect for everyone. If you are struggling to get projects from Upwork then join it. Highly Recommended!
4 weeks ago
Before joining, I was slightly skeptical about this Upwork course. But after attending all the sessions and watching videos, I\'m literally blown away by the VALUE that Sir Shajeel Afzal delivered in this course. A step-by-step guide and easy-to-follow tutorials made the way to succeed on Upwork easy peasy. Tremendously valuable and power-packed Upwrork mastery class.👍 Highly recommend this course to everyone struggling to get success on Upwork and shorten his learning curve. Jazak.Allah for providing such huge value.
1 month ago
Amazing course I ever enrolled in. Especially Search operators and Cover letter techniques help me a lot. I must recommend it to beginners to enroll in this course.
1 month ago
first of all, Thank you so much Sir for such an amazing course. I am a level two seller on Fiverr and was struggling in finding high-paying clients. I was not even comfortable with Upwork. I did not even know how it works. and then I saw a sir ShaJeel Afzal post on Facebook and joined the course. With help of this outstanding course, each and everything is taught practically by doing it from scratch. and the most important thing is the outstanding support that sir Shajeel Afzal is providing from day One. So if you are struggling with Upwork or want to start your freelancing career from Upwork then the course is highly recommended. you will learn everything from zero to hero.
1 month ago
Excellent course and highly informative. Very clear instructions with amazing audio and video quality. My personal experience was just amazing, had learned a lot with all the basics that were needed. This course is super helpful if you follow the steps and instructions. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering freelancing with Upwork. Go for this course without thinking twice. Thanks
The course had a very specific content which would help any new Upwork freelancer. I have tried Upwork in the past and failed and I can see why the course has given me confidence. I am very happy because the content is very specific and Great if you want to learn Upwork no need to waste your time on long long lectures this is the right course to kick start your Upwork freelancing journeys and this review is based on course content. May Allah Give long life to sir Shajeel Afzal. Regards: Faisal
2 months ago
I would like to Thanks Sir Shajeel Afzal for providing such an amazing knowledge on Upwork Mastery. He really has skills to deliver in-depth information, tips and tricks and secret techniques to Optimize Upwork Profile, Writing Job Winning proposals, client hunting, and everything which helps students to be successful on Upwork. I really appreciate his efforts to deliver beyond the expectations. JazakAllah
2 months ago
I am working as a Top-Rated Freelancer on UpWork. I was thinking that my profile and proposal writing technique is good enough to boost my sales. I joined this course as I am following Shajeel Bhai on Youtube to see what is included in this course. When I get started, I was amazed to know that I have some issues in my profile and I never think that these issues are important or I should focus on removing them. After removing those issues, when I going to start bidding by the techniques which were shared by Shajeel Bhai, my project awarding ratio massively increased. For those who are searching for a productive UpWork Couse, I would suggest that you guys should enroll in this course. I would highly recommend it.
Taskeen Abbas
2 months ago
Thank you so much Sir Shajeel Afzal for providing such a beautiful and Valuable Content regarding to UPWORK. i would like to recommend these course to my friends and family members whose are interested in Freelancing.
Faisal Amin
2 months ago
What an Amazing course I ever enrolled in. Full support with pro tips and tricks.

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