LWS Academy is donating 50% Fee of All Courses to Flood Affectees in Pakistan


The floods in Pakistan have been devastating for the people. The country is downing and the people are left with no food, water, or shelter.

The flood situation in Pakistan is devastating. The result of the extreme weather events has left at least 1100+ people dead and 1600+ severely injured. 325,000 houses have been completely destroyed with 733,000 badly damaged. 735,000 livestock have perished in the floods and many diseases are spreading as a result of contamination from the floods.

In this time of need, we are donating 50% Fee of All Courses to Flood Affectees of Pakistan in the Month of September!

We want to help our fellow humans in Pakistan that are going through a tough time and we hope you will join us by helping us donate to those who need it.

To keep things transparent we have created Google Sheet as well which you can see to verify your 50% submitted for the Donation.

If you are an existing student of LWS Academy then you can Join Hands with us by sharing this in your circle.

You can check out all our courses here.

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